Evermotion - Archmodels vol. 163 C4D | 5.59 GB


Archmodels vol. 163 includes 54 professional, highly detailed 3d models for architectural visualizations. This collection comes with high quality trees models. Each model has 3d-scanned trunk which make the models more photo-realistic than ever and perfect for closed-up views. All objects are ready to use in your visualizations.

Vrayc4d - HQ Details for VrayforC4D Vol 1-2-4

Vrayc4d - HQ Details for VrayforC4D Vol 1-2-4 | 2.3 GB


 Realistic, fully detailed and textured 50 models of alcohol bottles (beer, champagne, cognac, vodka, whisky, wine) in C4D format with real world scale dimensions, ready to rendering with VRAYforC4D. Additional comes 7 glasses with liquids in it for each alcohol type. Realistic, fully detailed and textured 25 models of perfume in Cinema4D 11+ format ready to rendering with VRAYforC4D, with real world scale dimensions. HQ Details vol 4 is a large collection of beautiful and high-quality 3d models of Blankets & Pillows. It contains over 110 realistic 3d models for Cinema4D, fully mapped, high-detailed geometry, no displacement.

CM 238766 - MacBook Pro 13

CM 238766 - MacBook Pro 13" Retina 3D Model

This is a 13" MacBook Pro 3D model made for Cinema 4D only.

• Fully rigged with Xpresso, which means that all you need is to drag sliders or activate checkboxes to make it come to life.

• Made for animation as well as for precision renders

• Comes with a built-in custom mini studio: cameras, lights and an Apple-like white room infinite background, like the one Jony Ive has been trapped into for decades!

• The renders you see on the promotion materials are made from this exact same file.