CM - LUX Collection of Lightroom Presets 1120395
20 luscious and luxurious Lightroom Presets that apply beautifully in 1 click. Creamy and classic, they are perfect for everything from weddings through newborn photography. We were tired of downloading and using Lightroom presets that were totally overdone – so we built a collection that actually work on every photo. Watch the video for a highlight reel of the Uplift Lux Collection for Lightroom No other adjustments were made to any of the photos – just 1 click of the Lux preset.
UltraPOP Lightroom Presets
UltraPOP Lightroom Presets
UltraPOP Lightroom Presets
UltraPOP Lightroom Presets
UltraPOP Lightroom Presets

UltraPOP Lightroom Presets
+20 Lightroom Presets (.lrtemplate) +Instructions - How to install Lightroom Presets (PDF)
Are you looking to add that extra punch of color to your photos? This set of Ultra-POP Lightroom presets is ideal for the task. The set includes 20 different presets that add a punch of color to give your photos some added life.


CM - 100 Fairytale Lightroom Presets 1107257
CM - 100 Fairytale Lightroom Presets 1107257


Its finally out - my very first Lightroom Preset Mega Bundle! Be one of the first to purchase and get for only $19 instead of $25 for the next hours :) Transform your images into all kinds of fairytales you can imagine! This mega bundle of stunning Lightroom Presets will do the work for you. You‘ll receive amazing looks in just seconds and can make them your own by playing around and combining different looks - its all in your mind! Get creative and find your own perfect fairytale. Scroll through the gallery above to see what this bundle can do! :)

CM - NARCOS - Cinematic Lightroom Presets 1061552

This set of 10 Lightroom presets have been inspired by the work of Lula Carvalho the great Director of Photography behind the Netflix series "Narcos". The presets are carefully designed to simulate the look of cinematic effects used in movies and cinema.
All our presets are 100% non destructive, meaning you can reset with just one click to the images original state, keeping your original Raw image always safe.
10 Lightroom Presets (.lrtemplate):
  • Blue Filter
  • Vintage Landscape
  • Light Leaks
  • Night Tungsteno
  • Orange Duotone
  • Polaroid
  • Red Duotone
  • Vintage
  • Warm
  • Yellow Filter +
  • Instruction - How to install Lightroom Presets (PDF)